Dr. Georges Bwelle – Top 10 CNN Hero of the Year

Dr. Georges Bwelle is our mentor in Cameroon, and we are very excited that he is being internationally honored for his work in underserved communities. This video is a great overview of his mission and spirit, and we invite you to view and learn more about the clinic and doctor that over 30 Drexel University students have volunteered with over the past five years.
You are able to vote here to nominate him for the Hero of the Year!

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Art for Health 2013

Come out and join us Friday April 26 for the Third Annual Art for Health hosted by your very own Drexel University College of Medicine students!

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Art for Health 2012

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A Memorable Experience

On our first medical campaign to a village named Lomié, I was assigned the task of handing out anti-parasitic medication to all of the children in the village. I took charge of this task since it required explanation in French and I was one of the few volunteers that spoke the language. It did not take long until the word got out that I was giving the medication to the children. All of a sudden, I was encircled by children ranging from 2 to 16 years old, parents of those who were too young to come and find me on their own, and parents of children who did not come to the village that morning. I was surrounded by dozens of little hands reaching out towards me in eager desperation. I tried to explain that we had brought enough medication for everyone in the village, but my reassurance did not seem to settle their anxiety about being forgotten. After much shouting and pleading, I eventually administered medication to all of the children in the village. For the rest of the day, I was approached and thanked whole-heartedly by mothers who had previously spoken harshly to me out of fear that their children would not receive their share of medicine. It was at this point that I realized how deprived of medical attention that the villages we visited actually were. Despite the overwhelming prevalence of malaria and parasitic infections among the people of this village, our volunteer trip was one of the few times that they would ever see a doctor and receive necessary medication. My own thoughts and the villagers’ ceaseless gratitude of our presence moved me in a way that I will never forget.

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First Mission in Cameroon

The group arrived safely in Cameroon on the weekend of June 2 and was greeted by members of Dr. George Bwelle’s organization ASCOVIME. We were welcomed warmly and settled into our rooms for the month. The first mission trip was to a village in the south province of Cameroon, Menkang Two. We arrived late Friday night and were greeted by a giant welcome feast followed by traditional music and dancing. The group went to sleep before 2am to wake at 6am to prepare the clinic.
People were lined up when we woke in order to receive care that day. The group started with a public health campaign where we distributed anti-parasitic drugs for all the kids and adults of the community. Next were medical, dental, and ophthalomology consultations by the medical doctors and dentists volunteering on the trip. The patients were interviewed and examined and then given prescriptions for their conditions. The pharmacy was busy all day filling prescriptions, and went through over 6000 pills of acetaminophen, 2000 ibuprofen, 1000 amoxicillin, and much more. We collected hemoglobin samples from 50 members of the community to characterize anemia in the village. Pain relieving, anti-parasitic, and fever reducing injections were given to members of the community until we ran out. Surgeries started at 10pm and went through the night until 8am. The team performed surgeries on inguinal, umbilical and femoral hernias, hydroceles, and benign tumors. To thank ASCOVIME for our work, the village chief presented us with a live goat and bundle of plantains on Sunday morning at breakfast.
Our next mission to the East province will begin on Friday afternoon.

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Thank You for Making Art for Health a Success!

A huge thank you for taking interest and supporting humanitarian relief work in Cameroon! Our Art for Health benefit in April was a huge success, and you can now access the photos on the Bush Medicine Partnership Facebook Group.

Thank you to everyone who attended, supported or helped out with the event! A big thanks to Water Works Restaurant, Company Policy, Dosage, The Peace Project, Issa Nyaphaga, Ms. Wise, OAS African Dance Team, the Fashion Show team, Rafiya, Dice Raw, John Fitzpatrick and everyone else who came together to make this event a success. For those who could not attend, we will be having our second annual Art for Health next year.

The proceeds of this event have been used to obtain thousands of pills of needed medications for the mobile clinic. With your generosity, we are able to donate analgesics, anti-inflammatory pills, antibiotics, sutures, and many other types of medicines and surgical supplies to Cameroon on behalf of the citizens of the USA. Thank you for helping us achieve this part of our goal!

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Art for Health!

We are excited to invite the DUCOM student body, faculty, alumni, community members, family and friends to the first annual Art for Health! Please contact us for more information. Tickets at varying prices can be purchased via paypal on www.bushmedicinepartnership.org or at DUCOM ticket sales at lunchtime. Feel free to contact nsb34@drexel.edu for more information!

Here is why you should attend:
1) Learn about this Cameroon trip that you keep hearing about over and over.
2) Waterworks Restaurant is beautiful.
3) Live body painting and Issa Nyaphaga.
4) Join the Philadelphia community to support international humanitarian work.
5) Network with students and alumni who care about global and public health.
6) Feel free to add more reasons.

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Hope International for Tikar People

HITIP was founded by artist Issa Nyaphaga to connect with and support people in his native village N’Ditam. He began working with Dr. Georges Bwelle in 2010 and is an advocate for his mobile health project in Cameroon. This website is great for pictures and learning more about N’Ditam and Cameroon.

Check out this interview with Dr. Bwelle to hear directly about his work. We are thrilled to work with him and his team this summer.

Georges of the Jungle from Hitip on Vimeo.

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Why Cameroon?

You’ve heard that we’re going to Cameroon this summer to help provide healthcare… so what? What is different about Cameroon? Why is this different than volunteering in a clinic right here in our home towns?

The mission of Dr. Georges Bwelle is to provide healthcare to those communities who have no doctors. So where Americans may have expensive healthcare and crowded emergency rooms, many Cameroonians living in bush villages have no healthcare and no emergency rooms.

Part of the problem is infrastructure – the villages are hard to reach in the dry season, and the roads treacherous in the wet season. These are the conditions Georges and his team face every weekend when they travel 3-12 hours to help people in remote areas of the country. See for yourself a common occurrence on a main road:

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Squares Still for Sale!

Superbowl Squares are Still for Sale! Remember, your $20 buy-in will give you a chance to win cash prizes PLUS a $10 donation for medicines and medical supplies for our upcoming trip to Cameroon.

Here’s some perspective… $10 can buy enough anti-parasitic medications for 20 kids for a whole year.

How do you know the money goes directly to the needy? We will hand deliver the medicines right to the villages and keep you updated right here at www.ducombushmedicine.com. I love the internet.

Recap: Buy a Superbowl square – you have a chance to have fun, win MONEY and do your good deed for the day (all with the click of a paypal (look to your right)).

People we helped last year:

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